Hommage for the killed...

و حبوب سنبلة تموت، ستملأ الوادي سنابل

عن إنسان، محمود درويش

I am taking part in the collective show: LIBERTÉ, at Europia Art Gallery in Paris. The painting is inspired by one of Mahmoud Darwish's poem, and is an Homage to the people being killed in Syria. It holds the names of some of the civilians killed by the Syrian Regime (small text).

It was a very intense process. Being intimidated by those who say that there is no proof that these people are being killed by the regime, and that these are 'terrorist gangs' targeting civilians, I watched youtube videos of all of the murdered whose names I wrote down. They did exist, ofcourse...Do not trust the official narrative.

Europia™ productions*: 15, avenue de Ségur - 75007 - Paris, France

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