Design Translations in collaboration with the V&A

I was commissioned by the V&A to create and deliver a series of workshops as part of their program; DesignLab, at the Eltham Hill School. DesignLab is an exciting programme of collaborative projects between the V&A, Schools and practicing designers.  The purpose is to explore new ways for schools to engage with contemporary design, working with contemporary designers and the V&A’s collections.

This Design Lab project is called Design Translations and focuses on taking inspiration from the Jameel Gallery of Islamic Art and Design, for students’ own design work. Their brief is to create a 3D design from a piece of text, that is inspired by a personal narrative.

The students gor first hand experience of the design process including research, drawing and construction. They broadened their knowledge about design from different cultures and through creative activities learn how to translate their ideas and own stories, into an original design over a period of 6 weeks.

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